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Journey to the stars
Welcome to TTC
Mercedes-Benz dealers Officially Of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Ltd. Ready to serve all customers.
The start of the journey for TTC Motor Co., Ltd began in 1982 when TTC Motor Co. has received the honor to become a trusted Mercedes-Benz dealer on the Petchaburi road to provide sales service as well as service center of superior standards. Until in 1993, we were heading for a journey far ahead, with the new largest service center on the road of Pattanakarn. It was also the headquarter for the company, ready to dedicate to serve the customers with both sales and service center at the highest standards. With the high visionary management team and high-spirited employees, the company was appointed as the first official distributor on March 3, 2000 by Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Ltd. In 2016, the company continued to drive forward with the new management team. The new management setting the goal to deliver quality products and the best service to the customers who has trusted and has been loyal the company continuously. In year 2017, TTC Motor celebrates with another achievement where they have launched a new show room and a service center located in the cityof Ubon Ratchathani on Chayangra Road taking up more than 8-lai of land marking the largest service center of the Northeast. In 2016, TTC Motor also gets appointed as a Mercedes-AMG official car dealer for the first time in Thailand. Throughout the 36-years of journey, TTC Motor is gearing its way with dedication to deliver quality products and the best service to customers. It is our promise to never stop moving forward to provide highest standards in every aspect for our valuable customers who trusts us.
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